S.No. Document Description Department File
1 Global Skill Trends and Future of Work ILO Study Training File
2 Skill Bank Select Countries World Bank Document Training File
3 Overseas Opportunities Study Global Skill Gap Report NSDC Training File
4 Skill Assessment and Anticipation Study Manufacturing Sector Study by MSDE Training File
5 Skill Gap Textile sector Skill Gap study by NSDC Training File
6 Skills for Employment- Policy Brief Increasing the Employability of Disadvantaged Youth Training File
7 Overview of India's evolving skill development landscape British Council Training File
8 Skill Training and Employment Outcomes in Rural Bihar DDU-GKY Training File
9 Technical and Vocational education and training (TVET) and skills development for poverty reduction-do rural women benefit? Paper presented at the FAO-IFAD-ILO Workshop on Gaps, trends and current research in gender dimensions of agricultural and rural employment: differentiated pathways out of poverty Training File
10 Skill Development initiatives and Strategies Asian Journal of Management Research Training File
11 Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the Education and Skill Development Sector NSDC Training File
12 Skill Assessment in India A Discussion paper on Policy,Practice and Capacity by British Council and ILO Training File
13 Reassessing patterns of female labour force participation in India by World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Training File
S.No. Document Description Department File
1 India's Skilling Challenge- Lessons for UK, Germany's vocational training models Observer Research Foundation Training File
2 NSDC collaboration with Singapore in Skilling news iten Training File
3 Young women hold the key to skilling India Hindustan Times Training File
S.No. Document Description Department File
1 UK Skill System Skilling System in the United Kingdom - British Council Training File
2 Placement_Video_Part3 Placement definition and concepts_Part 2 Training File
3 The German Vocational Training System- BMBF pdf Training File
4 Monitoring Policy for Skill Development Training Partners NSDC Training File
S.No. Document Description Department File
1 CEO Conclave 2019 Report CEO Conclave 2019 Report Training File
2 Placement_computation_instalment_release_Part 4 Placement_computation_instalment_release (4) Training File
3 Placement_computation_instalment_release_Part3 Placement_computation_instalment_release (3) Training File
4 Placement_computation_instalment_release_Part2 Placement_computation_instalment_release (2) Training File
5 Placement_computation_instalment_release_Part-1 Placement_computation_instalment_release (1) Training File
6 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-8 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-8 Training File
7 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-7 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-7 Training File
8 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-6Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-4 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-6 Training File
9 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-5 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-5 Training File
10 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-4 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-4 Training File
11 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-3 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-3 Training File
12 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-2 Placement_verification_Physical_Part-2 Training File
13 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-1 Placement_Verification_Physical_Part-1 Training File
14 Placement_Internal_Target_Release Placement_Internal_Target_Release Training File
15 Placement_verification_Desk(2) Placement_verification_Desk_Part-2 Training File
16 Placement_Verification_Desk (1) Placement Verification Training File
17 Placement Tracking Placement Tracking video Training File
18 Placement_Video_Part4 Placement definition and concepts_Part 4 Training File
19 Placement_Video_Part3 Placement definition and concepts_Part3 Training File
20 Placement_Video_Part2 Placement definitions and concepts_Part 2 Training File
21 Placement_Video_Part1 Placement definition and concepts_Part 1 Training File
22 PRN video- Part 2 How to apply for PRN- Part 2 Training File
23 PRN video- Part 1 How to apply for PRN- Part 1 Training File
24 Analysis of labour markets and skill needs in selected districts of Odisha ILO Training File
25 District wise skill gap study for the state of Haryana NSDC Training File
26 Making Services work for poor people World Development Report 2004 Training File
27 Future of Jobs in India A 2022 perspective Training File
28 National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015 Ministry of Skill Development Training File
29 Background paper for the World Development Report 2013 Youth Unemployment and Vocational Training Training File
30 Human Resource and Skill Requirements in the Agriculture & Allied Activities NSDC Training File
S.No. Document Description Department File
1 World Youth Skills Day Event Report UNESCO Study Training File
2 Migration of skilled workforce ILO KPMG Study Training File
3 Skill Gap Report Hospitality NSDC Study on Skill requirement in Tourism Hospitality Training File
4 Skill Gap Report IT-ITeS NSDC study on IT-ITeS sector Training File
5 Skill Gap Study Retail Skill Gap Report of Retail Sector from NSDC Training File
6 Skill Gap Study Construction Skill Gap study by NSDC Training File
7 Reaping India's promised demographic dividend-Industry in driving seat EY and FICCI Training File
8 Skill Development in India FICCI Training File
9 Need Assessment Report on Building Trainer's Skills Need Assessment Report on Building Trainer's Skills in Vocational Employability Training File
10 National Training Policy for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj 2015 Training File
S.No. Document Description Department File
2 Chhattisgarh MSC EoI Chhattisgarh MSC EoI Training File
3 Jharkhand EOI MSC JSLPS EoI for MSC Training File
4 Punjab MSC EoI PSDM MSC EoI Training File
5 Assam MSC EoI MSC EOI Training File