Kaushal Samachar

June 2018, Issue 5


Release of 4th issue of Kaushal Samachar

The 4th issue of Kaushal Samachar was released by Shri Praveen P Nair, IAS, MD, Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women on 31st May, 2018 in Chennai.


Government will impart skill development to 1,500 people in every coastal district of India

Skill Development in the port and maritime sector is an opportunity to improve the country’s coastal areas and being the leading supplier of skilled youth in the sector globally, the Shipping Ministry under the Sagarmala programme, will impart skill development to 1,500 people in every coastal district of the country in three years.

Training of 500 students, per-year-per-district has been undertaken by the Ministry for the next three years through Sagarmala.

The Ministry has completed skill gap studies of 21 coastal districts in eight states and three Union Territories (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep) and currently its implementation is underway. Project approvals for Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal have been done. For the first phase, training has commenced for 2028 students, 1917 have been trained and 1128 have been placed. 92 students are under training in Odisha.

Additionally, under the Ministry of Shipping’s flagship Sagarmala Programme a world class Center of Excellence in Maritime and Ship Building (CEMS) is being set up in partnership with Siemens and Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) at a cost of INR 766 crore. It will have campuses at Vishakhapatnam and Mumbai and will train 10,512 students per year.

The CEMS aims to become an international nodal Centre in South Asia, attracting students from neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for skill development in the Port and Maritime sector. Partial operationalization of CEMS is expected to start by end of June 2018 and complete operationalization is expected by September 2018.

In order to improve Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in ship breaking yards in Alang, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, a mandatory 12-day Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training for all entry level workers has been undertaken. So far 5011 workers have been trained in OSH. The course has been reviewed by DG FASLI, Ministry of Labour and third party certification for the training is under consideration. For Maritime Logistics, a Multi-skill Development Centre for Maritime Logistics is being set up in Uran near JNPT Mumbai. This center in collaboration with Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship will provide for entry level skilled workforce for maritime logistics.On this occasion a testimonial booklet highlighting the success stories of trainees trained in Phase -1 of the Sagarmala-DDU GKY convergence program was released by the dignitaries. The Ministry of Shipping also released skill gap studies for 21 coastal districts of India.

Success Story: Dharmendra Kumar Das, Barabaghi, Jharkhand

Dharmendra Kumar Das belongs to a village called Barabaghi which is in Chatra district of Jharkhand. His family comprises 8 members. His father is a farmer and his total household income is INR 40000 per annum. Dharmendra is the eldest child of his parents. He was made aware of the “DDU-GKY- Roshni” programme by the mobilization team that had visited his home. He joined Quess because of his keen interest in hospitality. He was convinced that the program will be beneficial for his career and chose hospitality as his trade.

In his own words: Dharmendra says,” It was a new experience for me. I learned immensely by participating in different activities. This program has helped me understand myself better. I have developed knowledge about the sector. Now I have an understanding of how to deal with different customers.

After completing my training, I was offered a job in BROWN HOUSE BAKING PVT LTD, BANGALORE as a steward in L1 with a salary of INR 8000. I have been working here for the past 18 months and have been promoted to L2. My salary has been increased to INR 13000. I am very happy with the changes that the programme has brought to my life."

Contributed by
Jyothi Ranjan, DDUGKY, NIRDPR



Live training dashboard that will enable MoRD and SRLM to view the status of training in real time.

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Proposed Training for the Month of July-18

SNo Programme Proposed Date
1 Orientation Programme on DDUGKY: Post PRN(By invitation only) 5th to 6th
2 Orientation Programme on DDUGKY: Post PRN(By invitation only) 19th to 20th
3 Refresher Programme on DDU-GKY(By invitation only) 23rd
4 Workshop on PFMS ToT for SRLM Officials(By invitation only) 26th & 27th

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Training Programme on TDS Calculation & Closure Audits of PIAs for SRLM & TSA Officials

A training programme was conducted to sensitize the representatives of SRLMs on the following aspects,

1. Release of subsequent instalments under the DDU-GKY programmes
2. Issues concerning the closure of sanctioned projects
3. TDS calculations on instalment releases

The programme was conducted by NIRDPR to explain the processes and procedures for release of instalments for eligible PIAs. It also involved discussions on the checklist approved by MoRD. Each item on the checklist was explained in detail.

Further, the process of closure/foreclosure of projects was explained with the help of case studies and hands on experience. It was a 3 days interactive session where the SRLM officials were given ample opportunity for discussion on various project implementing issues. Also, the session dealt with the methods of TDS calculations.

Knowledge Bank

Training team at DDU-GKY, NIRDPR is pleased to announce a curated Knowledge Bank where articles, reports, research studies, and latest news items related to Skill Development can be found. It is available for public on the DDU-GKY info portal at http://ddugky.info/kbank.php . The documents can be viewed and downloaded without logging into the DDU-GKY info portal. The documents are compiled after secondary search performed by Training team.

The documents are categorized in the following categories:

1. Research studies related to Skilling across the world
2. Latest news items related to Skill development
3. Skill development bodies across the world
4. Material/hand-outs/reports/research proposals related to conference/seminars
5. Studies conducted by NIRD & PR or any other institute related to Skilling
6. World class skill training methods and techniques which can help the DDU-GKY PIA Trainers improve training quality in the classrooms
7. Kaushal Samachar Archive

The research studies available on the portal are primarily from the World Bank, E&Y, British Council, NSDC, ILO, Asian Journal of Management Research studies, Ministry of Skill Development, FICCI among many others.

The staff members of NIRDPR and SRLMs are encouraged to share similar articles/reports/studies/policy documents which will be featured on the portal after a through review by Director (Training & Development). The documents can be sent via email to trainingddugky.nird@gmail.com .

Contributors to the portal will be duly acknowledged.