Kaushal Bharat Help Materials

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Sanction Order Check and Edit Sanction Order for Inspection Readiness.
MoU _ PCO How to update MoU and PCO in Kaushal Bharat.
Creating Trainer Profile How to Create Trainers Profile
Mapping Trainers to TC How to map Trainers to Training Centre.
Create Residential Facility How to Create Residential Facility.
Legacy Inspection How to upload Legacy Inspection details.
Revise Sanction Order How to revise Sanction Order in Kaushal Bharat.
Planning Inspection How to Plan Inspection in Kaushal Bharat.
Perform Inspection 1 To Perform Inspection in Kausal Bharat (Part -1).
Perform Inspection 2 To Perform Inspection in Kausal Bharat (Part -2).
Close Advisories Close Advisories after the Inspection in Kaushal Bharat.